Technical Drying Services celebrates 25 years of empowering industries

Pahwa Group’s leading brand, Technical Drying Services (TDS) celebrated the completion of 25 years in the industry. On the occasion of the silver jubilee, the company pledged to boost its innovative endeavors to amplify its leadership position in providing quality air solutions.

The brand came into existence in the year 1998 with the vision to enable temporary desiccant dehumidification and deploy air solutions to inhibit the moisture threats impacting a wide range of industries. Under the leadership of Deepak Pahwa, the company has achieved significant milestones by registering growth from a handful of clients in the beginning to expanding to 400+ clientele at present.

Over the span of 25 years, the brand has successfully provided its services to some of the leading companies across the industries, namely Reliance Industries, ONGC, Tata Steel, Sun Pharma, JK Cement, etc, to list a few. In addition to this, during the rainy season, when various parts of the country suffer from flooding situations, the rental services of TDS play a crucial role in mitigating the national loss with the help of advanced dehumidification solutions. In a recent flood in Chennai, the Water Damage Restoration solution from the house of TDS immensely contributed to safeguarding and restoring the assets damaged in the deluge situation.  

Driven by its unwavering dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction, TDS has been continuously upgrading and tailoring its services to meet the perennially changing demands of the industry. Given to its persistence, the company has been establishing a strong foothold in the country, with a presence in Haryana, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana, along with an international office in Malaysia.

Speaking on the occasion, Deepak Pahwa, Director, Technical Drying Services, said, “The team at TDS diligently works towards innovating continuously to provide breakthrough, cutting-edge solutions for guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Discerning that TDS finds application in an inherently vulnerable industrial setup, there is a need to provide immaculate systems devoid of any scope of error to protect the integrity of the company as well as the lives of on-ground employees working there. In this pursuit, we invariably strive to provide best-in-class dehumidification solutions coupled with highly skilled, NACE trained Airgineers to deliver the quality of work necessary for the industries.”

Since its inception, TDS services have been giving the desired fillip to various companies. The brand comes with the expertise to provide industrial project solutions and quality air solutions for ensuring access to safe confined areas. At the same time, the safe preparation and coating application empower the power plants by minimizing loss incurred due to corrosion and premature coating failure. Likewise, the Water Damage Restoration service contributes to reducing the loss of property and life with the restoration of water-damaged assets.