Hexigone: Spanning continents at three major coatings shows

‌Hexigone recently spanned continents to engage in a trifecta of major coating shows: the Western Coatings Show in the USA, the Paint and Coatings Show in Milan, and the Abrafati Show in Sao Paolo.[EN1]  At two of these shows, Dr Patrick Dodds, the CEO of Hexigone, delivered insightful technical talks.


Western Coatings Show – Las Vegas

The Western Coatings Symposium and Show, held biennially, is a cornerstone for coating professionals in the Western USA and Canada. This year it was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 15 – 18, 2023.
As you’d expect from one of the largest coatings markets in the world, the event was exceptionally well-organised and delivered insightful technical talks. One particularly noteworthy talk was the “Leadership Panel – Leading Through Change: Insights from Industry Experts,” which delved into the challenges faced during lockdown and the strategies. employed by industry to overcome them.


Paint and Coatings – Milan


Held from October 17 – 18, 2023, the Paint and Coatings Show serves as a hub for fostering tech innovation in the coatings industry in Italy. As Hexigone’s technology is unique on the market – they were showcased at Azelis Europe’s exhibition space.


Italy is one of the largest paint manufacturers in Europe, boasting 850 coatings manufacturers. With such a high number of regionally focused companies, it was a privilege for Dr Dodds to deliver his technical talk; “Co-blending Corrosion Inhibitors for a Sustainable Future,” at the event to such an engaged audience. In the talk; Dr Dodds pinpoints, on the supply chain, areas where decarbonisation can take place without compromising performance. He delves into the use of corrosion inhibitors in protective coatings and outlines a viable path to decarbonization by simply cross-blending lower volume additives.


Abrafati Show - São Paulo


The Abrafati Show, Latin America's preeminent coatings exhibition, recently concluded in São Paulo, Brazil, running from November 21 – 23, 2023. Brazil stands as one of the world's five leading markets for coatings – a vibrant industry - where Hexigone’s anticorrosive additives were launched this Autumn.


Thanks to Hexigone’s highly technical distributor in the region, their Intelli-ion® technology was showcased at MCassab’s exclusive "Paint Workshop." The event was run for coatings customers and began with a presentation by Marco Tullio Colacioppo, Head of Industrial Chemistry, followed by insights from, Business Development Manager, Ana Amélia Horta. The presentations delivered a comprehensive overview of the coatings industry trends for 2024 as well as new technology to the regional market.


Dr Dodds also presented an insightful talk; ‘Smart reservoir corrosion inhibitors to replace chromates in coatings’ to a technical audience. In his technical talk he showcased solventborne and waterborne alkyd results which have reached C5 corrosion protection.


The remarkable journey across Las Vegas, Milan, and São Paulo showcases Hexigone’s commitment to revolutionizing the coatings industry through sustainable technology. Anticipating the year ahead, Hexigone looks forward to the prospect of participating in more prominent events, including EuroCoat with Azelis, Paint India with Ankush Enterprise and the American Coatings Show with Barentz, to name a few.